Crypto and Bitcoin Domain Names

The crypto and bitcoin-related domain names listed on this page might* be available for sale. These are premium domains with strong branding potential.

If you are interested in any of the domains on the list or would like to make an offer, please feel free to contact us through the enquiry form.

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Domain Names:

Please note that some of the domains listed on this site may be in use or earmarked for future projects.


  • Bit Anything
  • Bitcoin Freelancer
  • Bitcoin Freelancer (.info)
  • Bitcoin ID
  • Bitcoin ID (.info)
  • Bitcoin Insite
  • Bitcoin Insites
  • Bitcoin Pitch
  • Bitcoin Pitch (.info)
  • Bitcoin Rapid
  • Bitcoins Rapid
  • Bitcoin Studios
  • Bitcoin Verify
  • Bitcoin Verify (.info)
  • Bit Crypto
  • Bit Crypto (.info)
  • Bit Deed
  • Bit Emporium
  • Bit Freelancer
  • Bit Insights
  • Bit Insite
  • Bit Insites
  • Bit Minted
  • Bit Minted (.info)
  • Bit Nod
  • Bit Pitch
  • Bit Pitch (.info)
  • Bit Process
  • Bit Process (.info)
  • Bit Thru
  • Bit Verify
  • BTC Tube
  • How do I Buy Bitcoins
  • How do I Buy Bitcoins (.info)
  • Micro BTC
  • Micro BTC (.info)
  • Quick BTC
  • Rapid BTC
  • Viva la Bitcoin (Spanish)
  • Vive le Bitcoin (French)
  • bitanything.com
  • bitcoinfreelancer.com
  • bitcoinfreelancer.info
  • bitcoinid.com
  • bitcoinid.info
  • bitcoininsite.com
  • bitcoininsites.com
  • bitcoinpitch.com
  • bitcoinpitch.info
  • bitcoinrapid.com
  • bitcoinsrapid.com
  • bitcoinstudios.com
  • bitcoinverify.com
  • bitcoinverify.info
  • bitcrypto.com
  • bitcrypto.info
  • bitdeed.com
  • bitemporium.com
  • bitfreelancer.com
  • bitinsights.com
  • bitinsite.com
  • bitinsites.com
  • bitminted.com
  • bitminted.info
  • bitnod.com
  • bitpitch.com
  • bitpitch.info
  • bitprocess.com
  • bitprocess.info
  • bitthru.com
  • bitverify.com
  • btctube.com
  • howdoibuybitcoins.com
  • howdoibuybitcoins.info
  • microbtc.com
  • microbtc.info
  • quickbtc.com
  • rapidbtc.com
  • vivalabitcoin.com
  • vivelebitcoin.com

Exchange / Trade:

  • Bit Buy Coin
  • Bit Buy Coins
  • BTC Futures
  • BTC Futures (.info)
  • BTCoin Trade
  • BTCoin Trader
  • Crypto Coin Exchange
  • Crypto Coin Exchange (.info)
  • bitbuycoin.com
  • bitbuycoins.com
  • btcfutures.com
  • btcfutures.info
  • btcointrade.com
  • btcointrader.com
  • cryptocoinexchange.com
  • cryptocoinexchange.info

Wallet / Bank:

  • Bitcoin Depository
  • BTC Safe
  • BTC Safe (.info)
  • Internet Bank Online
  • Internet Bank Online (.info)
  • My Bitcoin Wallet
  • My Bitcoin Wallet (.info)
  • New Internet Bank
  • New Internet Bank (.info)
  • Omega Wallet
  • Omega Wallet (.info)
  • bitcoindepository.com
  • btcsafe.com
  • btcsafe.info
  • internetbankonline.com
  • internetbankonline.info
  • mybitcoinwallet.com
  • mybitcoinwallet.info
  • newinternetbank.com
  • newinternetbank.info
  • omegawallet.com
  • omegawallet.info


  • Bitcoin New Zealand
  • Bitcoin NZ
  • Bitcoins New Zealand
  • Bitcoins NZ
  • bitcoinnewzealand.com
  • bitcoinnz.com
  • bitcoinsnewzealand.com
  • bitcoinsnz.com


  • Bitcoin Crow
  • BTC Crow
  • Bitcoinscrow
  • BTCscrow
  • bitcoincrow.com
  • btccrow.com
  • bitcoinscrow.com
  • btcscrow.com


  • BTC Sex
  • Bitcoin Slut
  • btcsex.com
  • bitcoinslut.com

Please feel free to contact us about any of the above domain names and check out our available non-crypto / bitcoin domains here

Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Investing

There was a time when people were not too keen upon using the internet as a means to buy new things, do business, and also search for information. However, those days have become history. In this modern era, the number of tech-savvy people is increasing in leaps and bounds. As the number of tech-literate people is increasing, the acceptance of cryptocurrency is bound to happen according to the Crypto Intel Hub Site. You will find several news feed concerning the prices of Bitcoins and other types of cryptocurrencies. It is true that those who were a bit skeptical about crypto are soon beginning to understand it and also getting involved with the various types of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency, Fiat, and Stocks

The cryptocurrency community refers to the currencies that we know as “fiat”. In spite of “currency” being a part of the name, the different types of cryptocurrencies are quite similar to stocks rather than the currencies. When you decide to buy some cryptocurrency in your name, you actually purchase a part of the blockchain, some tech stocks, as well as, a small piece of the entire network.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

People trade on various types of cryptocurrencies on the exchanges. It is the most common place for you to trade on the digital-based coins. When you talk about exchanges, these are basically places where you use your fiat to buy or even sell your crypto. There are several measures to help you judge the quality and reliability of a particular exchange, which may include the spread, liquidity, fees, withdrawal and purchase limits, security, user-friendliness, trading volume, and insurance.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Whichever exchange you choose, you will find that these exchanges have built-in online wallets where you can keep the crypto that you purchase. However, some of you may have heard about Mt. Gox hack and it may make you feel uneasy to keep your crypto on an exchange. There are other options for you in such cases you may either opt for a paper wallet service or even go for a hardware wallet after spending $99. Both the services will help you avoid platform risks and by taking up the responsibility of safekeeping your crypto safe and sound.

Percentage of Your Investment as Crypto

Putting in everything you have on cryptocurrencies is extremely foolish. Although there have been stories of how crypto has made many people extremely rich, the volatility of the currency makes it highly unpredictable. Just to be on the safe side, the money you decide to invest on cryptocurrencies should be the amount of money you are okay with losing. Although the upside is huge, it does come with its own share of risks, as well as, emotional torment.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is quite risky and, at the same time, extremely exciting. Although you may feel tempted to invest your hard earned money on cryptocurrencies, it is very important to practice caution before you go ahead with your plan. If possible study the trends of the crypto you are interested in and then move ahead with calculated risks.